Treasure Island



Will Jim Hawkins finally live his dream of sailing the seven seas? Will he defeat the evil Silver Twins, the dastardly 'Jackie the Box'. Will his mother, Vera, ever find her long lost husband and does the X (Factor) really mark the spot of the buried Treasure? Find out in this swashbuckling romp.

Treasure Island – The Panto

Major roles

Narrator / Old Jim:
Male. 45+ Is an old version of Jim Hawkins retelling the story of his youth

Jim Hawkins:
Male. 18-­‐21. Our young hero

Vera Hawkins:
The dame. Male. Generally 40+

Billy Bones:
Male. A bit dim. 21-­‐30

Melanie Bones:
Female. 30+. A barmaid and related to Billy

Squire Trelawny:
Male. Could be played by a female. 30+.

Dr Livesey:
Male. Could be played by a female. 30+ both the squire and Dr are very flamboyant and a little silly

Long Joan Silver & Long Joan Silver:
Female. The Silver Twins. Are baddies both female. 40+

Ben Gunn:
Vera White’s missing husband. 40+ male

Ben Gunn's Mum:
Vera’s mother inlaw. Female. 50+

Periphery roles

Either gender 20+

Town Crier:
Either gender 20+

Capt Smollett:
Male. 25+

Jackie the Box Female, 16+

The two Parrots
Either gender. Any age

Chorus roles
Various townspeople, pirates, ships mice and puppeteers.
(to be played by various members of the cast)

Approximate Running Time

2hrs including the interval

Script Type

Full Script & Performance Rights, Perusal Script

Venue Capacity

101 to 150, 151 to 250, 251 to 350, 351 to 500, 500+, Up to 100