The beautiful Cinderella is kept downtrodden by her ugly sisters, Hayley Tosis and Emma Roid who are certain that they are going to win the Prince's heart at the grand ball. However; Buttons, the Fairy Godmother and her sidekicks have other ideas.

It's obvious in the end that the baddies will be brought back to reality (tv).

A unique version of everyone’s favourite pantomime. Will Buttons ever deliver the invites? Will the ugly sisters ever get his name right? Will Cinderella get to the ball and meet her Prince Charming? Will the party go without any hitches? And finally will the Prince ever find ‘Miss Right’?

Major roles

Male or Female. 20+

Female. 18-25. A little bit more sassy than the usual Cinderella, but still downtrodden

Male, 18-25. Everyone’s best friend, wants the best for the love of his life, Cinders

Prince Berthold (Bertie) Charming:
Male. 18-30. Seems more at home with the workers at the Castle rather than nobility. A good guy, not the sharpest tool in the box.

Dan Deeny:
Male. 18-40. Another worker at the castle, good friend to Buttons

Male, 40+. Bossy and kingly as one would expect

Female. 40+. Desperately wants to see her beloved boy find himself a wife and get him married off

Female, 40+. A nasty piece of work, doesn’t really like anyone very much.

Emma Roid:
Male, 35+. One of Cinderella’s ugly sisters. Ugly on the inside and out. Emma Roid really is a pain in the butt

Hayley Tosis:
Male, 35+. The other delightful sister. Don’t get too close her breath may knock yu into next week

Fairy Godmother:
Female, 30+. A delightful if slightly clumsy helper to Cinderella

Male, 15+. A rather cocky-gag-cracking-wise-guy helper to the Fairy Godmother

Periphery roles

Chef Al Dente:
Either gender 20+. Some would say the grumpy chef Al Dente is only half baked

Approximate Running Time

2hrs 10mins including an interval of 20 mins

Script Type

Full Script & Performance Rights, Perusal Script

Venue Capacity

101 to 150, 151 to 250, 251 to 350, 351 to 500, 500+, Up to 100