A pantomime written all in rhyme. Our own take on a classic tale that will have you laughing, without fail. Aladdin and his brother looking for jobs to help pay the debts of their mother. Jail term served, a crook he befriends, is this the beginning of his end. The love of a princess thrown in for good measure, not to forget his cave and lots of treasure.


Major roles

Male or Female. 20+

Male. 18-­‐25. The hero and all round good guy

Wishy Washy:
Male, could be female. Brother of Aladdin. 18-­‐25

Widow Twanky:
The Dame and Aladdin’s mother. Male. 40+

Baron Hardup:
Male. 40+. A bit of a bully

The Old Man:
The villain of the piece. Could be male of female 45+

The Genie:
Female or male. Could be played by more than one actor to help create illusions of popping up randomly

The Princess:
Aladdin’s love interest. Female. 18+

The Sultan:
The Princesses father. Male. 35+

Periphery roles

Prison Officers Ping & Pong:
Either gender 20+. Bit of a comedy double act

The Police person
Either gender 20+

Fairy Godmother:
Washing obsessed character. Female. 18+

Chorus roles
Various townspeople/market stall holders, mice, prison guards, bodyguards and dancers.
(to be played by various members of the cast)

Approximate Running Time

2hrs including the interval

Script Type

Full Script & Performance Rights, Perusal Script

Venue Capacity

101 to 150, 151 to 250, 251 to 350, 351 to 500, 500+, Up to 100