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A very British tradition. Childhood memories of Christmas, baddies and goodies, fairy godmothers and magic all coming together. I bet you still remember some of the panto’s you saw as a child. Shouting “He’s behind you” and saving your biggest boos and hisses for the pantomime villain. I know I do.

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Watching the youngsters in the audience lightens the heart; the joy, the giggles, the wide eyes and the volume that they shout at the actors. True magic happens here. I heard the other day that about a year after the first showing of Treasure Island – the Panto some children from the audience are still quoting some of the jokes…praise indeed!

Have a look at the sample panto scripts available or download the full version for use for your theatre company or community show.

These have been designed so you can put on with little/no budget or with an unlimited purse.

I can also write a panto bespoke for you click here for details.

Coming in 2019

Robin Hood – check out a free sample.

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