Big Pause Productions is all about developing new, fun and exciting scripts.

We have made available to buy the rights to our own versions of Cinderella, Aladdin and Treasure Island – The Panto.

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Looking for a funny and family friendly pantomime script for this year’s show? Have a look at our versions of classic pantomimes. Something for everyone whether your audience are 5 or 105. Have a read of the samples for free!

Theatre Scripts

We don’t just focus on pantomime we have a few theatre scripts available to purchase. Keep checking back as we are adding to this all the time. Maybe suitable for college and school productions, monologues and duologues for audition pieces.

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Big Pause Theatre Production
Big Pause Theatre Production

Bespoke Writing

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line, we’d be delighted to write something just for your theatre company; from pantomime or comedy, mystery or thought provoking to local legends and folklore…the mind boggles and we could write the perfect piece for you.

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Big Pause Productions provide the perfects scripts for our Production Company
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